Global Communcation Management consuliting group inc.

The increasing complexity of the telecommunications environment and fierce competition in this industry bring new challenges for operators seeking to maintain or increase revenue streams. Focus on the customer is one way in which these goals can be attained. Assuring smooth operations and an appropriate level of customer experience, especially for high-revenue services such as roaming, is the key to getting this right. However, without adequate data sources and tools capable of processing huge amounts of information this becomes a difficult task. This is where Roaming 360 Roaming Monitoring comes into play.

Near Real-time and historical reporting of data and service consumption trends.

Rich dashboards allow you to follow trends in data, voice and messaging services consumption and alert you if there is any change in behavior. They also provide deep drill-down to discover the reasons behind any changes, giving you more time to resolve problems. With Roaming 360 solution, you can take immediate actions, instead of reacting to monthly revenue changes.

For All your communications Needs.