Global Communcation Management consuliting group inc.

NGCall Center 

NG Crossing LLC. with a team that has long experience in the telecommunications business, especially international connectivity, NGC has been among the industry leaders in bringing state-of-the-art communications solutions to many businesses and countries. Among our team people who changed the internet service in the Middle East and Africa from being the first to connect countries to the internet, to first people to use IPv6 to people who did cover cities with metro fiber and mobile wireless broadband and 3G. NGC has been involved in many projects involving voice, data, fiber cable, satellite and Internet exchanges, and many other Solutions.

Our core business; building and evaluating business cases, regulation coordination to obtain permits and licenses, designing networks, project management, and implementation. In addition, our sales and marketing teams global reach gives our clients an opportunity to leverage our professional resources through our many contacts in the industry. We are confident that we can provide a business solution that is right for you.