Increase loyalty, retention and conversion in your Marketing campaigns.
An unprecedented ROI in Digital Marketing.

Use all available channels for your marketing campaigns
We offer all communication channels so that your company only has to worry about increasing its ROI.

Bulk SMS Carrier is an SMS delivery service designed for wholesale SMS clients.
Allows you to connect directly to NRSGateway to send large volumes of messages. SMS to everyone quickly, efficiently and safely.

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DID Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, All USA call termination - Ask for your low price

Push E-MAIL Services
NRS has developed for its clients the most robust platform for mailing, with a professional routing service to guarantee delivery in the inbox, professional HTML builder WYISIWIG, complete statistics in real time with details of deliveries, clicks, openings, cancellations and bounces with data by geographical area, operating system, among infinity of functionalities to increase and maintain your customers.

Push notifications Services
The most complete platform to increase the engagement of our clients' APPs: RichPush notifications, programming, geolocation and segmentation for iOS and Android. With our platform you can send notifications in native format, Alert Box and Intersitials, also, if you do not have an APP you can create your own APP completely free from our platform. 

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SMS services 
We have been providing SMS related services to thousands of companies worldwide for more than 15 years. We offer all the functionalities around SMS: customizable sender, scheduled shipments, UTF-16 and GSM-7 encoding, expiration date, content customization, etc. We provide integration APIS and an own development platform at no additional cost to our clients.


VOICE Services
We put at your disposal a novel channel for communications to fixed and mobile phone numbers: voice messages. You can upload your own audio clips or write the text to be spoken with a human voice by our exclusive system. Programmable, customizable and with complete statistics of which numbers have listened to the message and how long they have been listening.

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